New Features in ASP.NET 5 vNext

New Features in ASP.NET 5 vNext – Part 1

  1. Normally, whenever you made any change in your project, you have to rebuild it to check its effects. But now in ASP.Net 2015, there is no need to rebuild it again, as it used Roslyn compiler for this.
  2. Earlier we need to do lot of configuration for publishing or deploying project in cloud, but now in ASP.NET 2015, you can easily migrate and deploy your project using cloud ready configuration.
  3. In .Net 5, you can easily IIS host or self-host, your 2015 project.
  4. 2015 has open source in github, that means you can find code of 5 from github url is
  5. ASP.NET uses 3 types of run time engine
    • Full .Net CLR
    • Core CLR
    • Cross Platform CLR (use on Mac, Linux)
  6. In ASP.Net 2015 you can run new and old version code together. For this you have to use core CLR.
  7. No need to add assembly in references, you can directly add assembly name with version in project.json file with great intelligence.
  8. In ASP.Net 2015, you can easily use MVC, web api and web pages together without any conflicts of their features, as MVC 6 is introduced for this. So there is no need to write different code for all three technologies, and now you don’t need to inherit and remember multiple class to create controller and Api Controller now we can use only controller class to create web api and normal controller.
  9. ASP.NET 5 uses new http pipeline, which uses less overhead in pipeline and improves http performance.
  10. ASP.NET 5 can use dependency injection i.e. can replace module with another module without altering the client, and also ASPNET vNext support default dependency injection.
  11. ASP.NET 5 can run older version application but we need to make multiple change as Microsoft has been change all the configuration settings, below are the new configuration files.
    • Config.json – This is similar to the web.config file
    • Startup.cs – This is similar to the Global.asax file
    • Project.json – Here we have to add our dependency, all the required dll references.
  12. Added TagHelpers which is a great tool for mvc app.
  13. ASP.NET vNext includes support for the real-time web through the next version of ASP.NET SignalR.

I will be adding more into next part about ASPNET 5 vNext.

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