K (dnu), KVM (dnvm), KPM (dnu), KLR, KRE (dnx) in ASP.NET 5 vNext

Introduction: In the current version, k/klr become dnu, kre become dnx(.NET corss-platformform run-time environment), kvm become dnvm and kpm become dnu.

Command Line Tool:

Current Name New Name Commands
k.cmd/klr.exe dnx The main runner entry point to boot and app/ site. This was previously split into two files, but will be unified into one.


Running ‘dnx.exe –help’ will show a help screen

C:\> dnx.exe –help

Usages: dnx[options][command][arguments]

Options: –help|-h Show help


run – Run the main entry point of the application

Kre/xre dnx The .NET execution environment – these are NuGet packages that are per arch/os/clr that contains the CLR (for core CLR), CLR bootstrapper, and required app execution component.
Kvm.ps1 dnvm.ps1 .Net DNX version manager, manages which DNXs are installed, which DNX is currently in use, etc.
Kpm nuget The package manager for nugget packages in the app. Being merged with nugget.

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