(#3) ASP.Net Core + Angular 2 … don’t waste your Razor

some assembly required, batteries not included

When serving up Angular 2 script and views, some people have chosen node.js or ASP.Net core server solutions that pre-render data into the angular views being delivered to the client, other implementations go the other way, adopting a simpler philosophy of just serving ‘flat’ unmodified script and HTML views. A few have gone part way, using webpack to collect bundles of views, styles and code. A few rely on ASP.Net Core to serve data using Web API and generally do not use Razor syntax, Tag Helpers or anything much of ASP.Net Cores’ features.

This series of posts will describe a middle ground, where we’ll leverage as much of ASP.Net Core as we can, give users the responsiveness that comes with Angular – delivering data from Web API and caching views where practical.

In the last step we added Angular, served from flat HTML, and had to browse index.html. Now we switch…

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