List Of projects which have done till date.

Hospital Management Information System [HMIS]

HMIS hospital management system is a compact package designed, aimed at bringing about total quality in hospital management. The system focuses on excellent coordination between Healthcare organizations, subscribers and payers using electronic intranet documentation system.
HMIS provides, online integrated information of payers to health care organizations, enabling transaction with trading patients through seamless connectivity, with robust security and privacy features. The technology, solutions and features are aimed at providing unlimited “scalability” and end-to-end customer service operations. HMIS system provides a high level of efficiency in recording, information dissemination and in reduction of human errors.

Clinic Management System [CMS]

CMS allow to the small clinic to manage their patient record, appointment and billing.

Pharmacy Management System [PMS]

Pharmacy management system to manage medicine data and facilitate indent, quotation and purchase order process for procuring medicines.It also provides a POS system along with returns process.
It has concept of parent stores with sub-stores under each parent store.The application supports multiple such parent stores working parallel without any effect of each other’s processes.

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